So, you want to develop your freelance writing business, but are not sure about having your own website?

It could be you believe it will be hard, time consuming or not worth the effort. However, if you want to be successful and gain traction in your business one of the best marketing tools is to have a website.

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Still not convinced?

There are a myriad of reason’s why a website is helpful to a freelance writer, especially one who may not have a portfolio or published work as yet. See below for why it is essential to your business to develop a website.

1. A website forms your “Writer Platform”.

A writer platform is the tools and marketing you use to help sell and brand yourself as a writer, whether it is an author or freelance writer.

A website is paramount to developing this platform. It is where you showcase your work, tell people about yourself, write blogs/articles and advertise your business. It is where potential clients can find you and contact you.

2. A website builds on your portfolio.

Part of being a freelance writer is being able to showcase your work.

A website creates the perfect opportunity to create a visual of your portfolio that potential clients can view. They will be able to see your style, tone and talent for themselves and this helps your client decide if they can work with you or not.

A page on your website with your clips and past client work will be of great benefit to proving you are a professional and talented freelance writer.

3. Blogging.

Blogging first and foremost can act as a portfolio. This is especially important to newbie freelance writers who may not have clients or published work under their belts yet. You can point potential clients to your blog as an example of the work that you do.

Most clients are looking for someone to assist with content writing, such as articles and blogs; so having your own examples to showcase is the perfect opportunity to market your work!

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Blogging is also a great way to improve your writing. Writing every day really does help to improve your skills. I look back at some of the first blogs I wrote on my author website, Rachel Maree, and shake my head. When comparing to how I write now, there is definite improvement.

The important thing about blogging for your website is to ensure that you post on a regular basis. Set deadlines and a content schedule and be sure to stick to them. It helps to maintain your online presence, keeps your website up-to-date and can have the added benefit of pushing your page up Google searches. And don’t forget…it helps to improve your writing! Something I am sure we all strive to achieve.

4. It can help land you clients:

Using your blog and website to comment on other blogs, articles, websites, companies and businesses will eventually get you noticed. A potential client will follow the link to your freelance writing website. They may like what they see and contact you for work. This is why it is so important to have a website, so that you can be found!

I hope you are convinced by now.

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It is essential to have a core landing place that markets who you are, what you offer, your portfolio, your contact details and other social media profiles. I guarantee, once the hard yards are put in to get the site up and running it will be worth it!

My upcoming post on Thursday will discuss how to develop a website. It is far simpler then you think!

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