Todays Guest Post of the Month is written by the lovely Tiara at The Write Crown. Tiara is a freelance copywriter and editor who works with mums who want to become successful and well balanced WAHMs. She has some great advice for us today on hiring a nanny to help relieve some of the time restraints and pressure of being a WAHM.

Who needs a nanny? The benefits for a WAHM.

Many people have the perception that Work At Home Mums must be living the dream. They envision lazy mornings soaking up the sun, leisurely brunches with other mums, children quietly playing or doing homework. Time; you must have so much time to get everything done! Well, many people would be wrong.

Working from home doesn’t mean you have less to do; it simply means you don’t always have to put on makeup to do it. On some days it requires even more concentration and motivation to reach a deadline. In fact, some mums who work from home would probably revel in the opportunity to go into an office now and then – just for some uninterrupted quiet time. How often do you have to barter or negotiate with your child to please leave mummy alone for just 1 hour…the fastest hour of your life!

It’s on those days that you just wish you had an extra set of hands. Enter the nanny. More and more parents who work from home are beginning to appreciate the benefits of having a nanny, even for just a few days a week.

If you have children who are under school age or in daycare a few days a week, the help a nanny can provide is virtually endless.

  • Housework – It’s not that you don’t want to do it, nor are you incapable of doing it. It’s about not always having the time to complete the laundry, clean the kitchen after your children’s latest cooking class demonstration, or even just in-between-cleans house maintenance. Having a nanny will give you that extra set of hands to get to the little things before they become big things.
  • Drop off/Pick up – If you’ve ever been in a zone, productivity flying everywhere, when suddenly you realise you have a child who needs to be picked up in 3 minutes – you will understand the desire to be in two places at one time. Drop off and pick up is no small task in terms of time. If someone can help you with this – it could easily add an extra hour or two to your workday.
  • Cooking/Meal prep – Every once in a while, it would nice to be able to walk into the kitchen and throw something into the oven, rather than dicing, peeling, and generally starting from scratch. What would be even nicer is if the meal was already cooked! Many nannies have experience in food preparation and cooking basics and would be happy to include this in their tasks for the day, so it’s ready to go when you are.
  • Errands – Let’s be honest. No one actually likes taking the car in for servicing or getting the dog groomed. Most nannies are used to including these types of errands into their schedule and time with the children. They can use it to get your little ones outside of the house and do other fun activities while they’re at it, giving you a little bit of peace and quiet to focus while multiple jobs are being handled at once.
  • Maintenance and Tradespeople – One of the benefits of working from home is being able to be around during the entire 6-hour window the cable company gives you. But when you’re trying to actually get some work done, taking time out to let in the plumber, the electrician, pest control or whoever else needs to do maintenance around the house can be time-consuming. Especially if they have questions or need to be monitored. Being able to schedule home maintenance on a day when your nanny will be there is a simple duty that can be taken off your plate and allow you to continue working undisturbed.

But what’s great is that it’s even more than all these added bonuses.

The primary goal for your nanny is to look after and engage with your little ones.

A career nanny is one who has spent years learning how to care for your child, either by coursework, such as a Certificate of Early Child Education or from hands-on experiences. Many nannies belong to nanny social groups which enable them to gain new ideas and meet up with others in order to continue to help your child grow.

Having a nanny in your child’s life also gives them an early experience with developing relationships, creating bonds, and an understanding and respect for older figures and authority. Many people report that their children are more productive with a nanny than they are with the parents when it comes to chores, picking up after themselves and learning to share.

Ultimately, the increase in productivity makes it worth the consideration. If you don’t have to stop every five minutes to solve a problem, stop a fight, or get them out of the house on a beautiful day, you can get so much more work done in order to give them your full focus later. And isn’t that the ultimate goal? We can all agree that it is fortunate to be able to have the option to work from home because you can be present if they do truly need you. However, your time with them will have much better quality if you’re not stressed about how you’re going to get through everything you need to do on a deadline without feeling like you’re neglecting them.

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