I have read many articles and blogs about treating your work from home freelance writing business like an “office job”. Many of these articles and blogs talk about setting up a dedicated space (such as a home office) in your house, or even to rent an office, where you can go to work.

I do not know about you, but I cannot do this.

where do you work from when you run a home based business

Not enough space for a dedicated office.

For one, our house is simply not big enough for me to have a dedicated place. And yes, I have seen the Pinterest pictures and Ikea hacks for turning closets into a small office, or small desks in a nook. But I like space around me. I thoroughly dislike being cramped and I love being able to spread my different notebooks, folders and planners over a table with my computer and multitude of pens handy. For me, something like that would absolutely NOT be conducive to a productive work environment. I would feel stifled and trapped.

However, if you can handle the confined spaces there are some fantastic little work cubbies you can set up. Private. Quiet. And a space just for you!

Take your work wherever you go.

For two, I believe that as freelance writers we have the absolute luxury of taking our work wherever we go. Laptops, journals, pens and books are all so easily transported (in a strong bag)! If it is a nice day out, then go write in the park. If it is wet and miserable then curl up on the couch.

Where ever you are comfortable is where you should write and conduct your business from. As long as you are productive.

When you are a work-at-home-mum.

For three, I am a work-at-home-mum. I snatch whatever little time my young children will give me to write. Therefore, I usually have my computer or a notepad nearby wherever I am in the house. That way when inspiration strikes I can quickly jot down those ideas.

When it comes to writing, I think being relaxed and comfortable is more important then a set spot you write every day. Not only that but a change in scenery can be key to overcoming writers block and prompting your creativity.

As long as you get the work done!

I do not dispute the need to treat your writing as a job and try to stick to regular hours during the day, and not slack off. But the plus of working from home is you can choose your hours and where you work. As long as you get the work done!

With a very active toddler, and a newborn baby, this ability to write wherever and whenever is a MUST!

With the miserable cold Melbourne winter days we spend a bit of time in play cafes. These places are an absolute lifesaver! My 2.5-year-old active boy can run his little heart out in an enclosed and safe environment where I can still keep my eyes on him. I can sit and nurse my youngest with a cup of coffee and laptop while getting some work done. (The priority here is COFFEE)!

During overnight feeds, I love my smartphone for research. I can screenshot or take notes of things to follow up or ideas for blog posts. It is a great way to keep my eyes open and be productive! I have recently started using Evernote. And whilst I am still learning all the ins and outs I have found it to be an amazing tool to keep notes and ideas that pop up at random times.

*Edit: Since I wrote this post my daughter no longer feeds over night (YES)! I still use my smartphone during her morning and evening feeds for research if I need to, and Evernote really is FANTASTIC!

During the day I have even been known to tap away at my keyboard whilst breastfeeding. This is only if I have a deadline looming. For the most part, I like to 100% focus on bubba when feeding and cuddling. It is after all one reason why I am a work at home mum; to be more present for my family.

One of my ultimate wishes (yes, I know I have a lot) is to eventually have my own office. A dedicated space I can retreat from the noise of the kids and the busy bustle of home. However, that will be when they are older and we have finally renovated and extended our home. (hint, hint, hubby!)

For now, I love the freedom of writing wherever I can take my laptop and notebook….and children of course!

So where do you write? Do you have a dedicated space?


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