What is a Call to Action and why you need one!

So you have created your freelance writing business.

Your website has been designed, built and gone live.

You have written and implemented a marketing plan.

All of this has been done with one big point in mind: to attract clients.

But what if you are missing one simple step? One little thing that could make all the difference to your business and gain potential clients?

What is this one step?

A Call-To-Action, or CTA.

Call-to-action, CTA, convert readers, clients



What is a CTA?

A Call-To-Action or CTA is exactly what it sounds like. It is an image, button or line of text asking the visitor to your website to take a certain action.

Maybe it is to contact you, to explore your site further, to download a free offer or to sign up for your newsletter.

The simplest form of a CTA is “click here”. People click on it and it takes them to where you want them to go.

But is this the most effective method of a CTA?

It really does depend on what you want you want the CTA to achieve. It can also be some trial and error until you reach your desired outcome. I know, sorry guys! No clear-cut answer there!

You can do some research by looking at other successful freelance writer websites and what their CTA’s look like. Or simply think about what makes you click through on a website?

I have said it many times before, but I will say it again. Other websites in the same niche as yours are a great source of information and inspiration!

There are many different forms of a CTA:

  • Lead generation
  • Form submissions
  • “Read More”, “Click Here” or “Subscribe” button
  • Product or service discovery
  • Social sharing
  • Lead nurturing
  • Event promotion

Why should you have one?

Getting traffic to your website is only half the battle.

You want to convert those visitors to clients, or regular readers of your blog.

A clear CTA can achieve this.

A CTA keeps your audience on your page longer – exploring, reading and hopefully signing up for your newsletter or as a client. Growing your email list is the best tool to nurture and develop a relationship with your own audience. Every email you send lands directly in their inbox, as opposed to when you share a post on social media that may only reach a very small percentage of your intended audience.

Having an email list that you interact with and email regularly means you have access to a client list. Or a list that you can sell a product like an online course or eBook too.

A great way to market your business is through a social sharing CTA. When a reader clicks a social sharing button they post your content to their social media and open up another avenue of readers.

Lets rehash. Why do you NEED a CTA?

  • Converts readers to clients
  • Grows your email list
  • Sells your products
  • Increases your reach through social sharing

Call-to-action, CTA

Where should you have a CTA?

The point of CTAs is to grow your audience, convert readers to clients and build an email list. So I like to have a CTA on each page, as well as every blog post.

Obviously the Call-To-Action will differ depending on location and what I would like each CTA to achieve.

So on my home page, I have several CTAs to direct readers to contact me, get a quote, click through to services, or read my blog.

Then through out my blog posts I have free offers to gain subscribers to my email list.

Ask yourself when creating a Call-To-Action, what am I trying to achieve? How will this CTA do that? Is this the best place to put it?

How to create a CTA.

Here are a few steps to creating an effective CTA:

  • Determine the goal of the CTA.
  • Where will you display this CTA?
  • What is the best way to display this CTA?
    • Launch page
    • Button
    • Click through text
    • Image

Ask yourself, is my CTA clear? Is it displayed in a prominent place?

A great tip is to ask a friend to browse your website. Have them note down if you have a clear and actionable CTA. Does it capture their attention? Would they follow the Call-To-Action?

Having someone else critique your CTA’s and website gives a fresh perspective. They may pick up on little things that you have missed. Especially if you have spent hours staring at your screen tweaking and perfecting.


Do you have a Call-To-Action on your website? Do you have more then one? Where do you have them? Are they working for you? Let us know in the comments below!


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