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A “Letter of Agreement” (LOA) is similar to a writing contract, however it is not as lengthy or involved. It is less formal then a contract, yet still outlines all of the agreed upon terms between you and your client.

The LOA is in the form of a letter, protects both you and your client and requires two signatures (obviously yours and your clients).

I generally prefer to use a Letter of Agreement rather then a writing contract as it is simpler to create, takes less time, and is still a binding document.

I usually include the following sections in a Letter of Agreement:

  • Provided services (scope of work)
  • Time-frame/Deadline
  • Fees
  • Payment Terms
  • Ownership

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I also like to include a header with my logo and contact details. It helps maintain your professionalism and identify you to your client.

Which ever form you choose, a lengthier writers’ contract or a Letter Of Agreement, be sure that you keep back up copies. I like to have a paper copy, and a copy on my computer.

Please remember that I am not a lawyer. Any advice contained within this post is not meant to be taken as professional legal advice. If you wish to have a lawyer draft a contract for you, then by all means, do so. This is meant as a guide and to provide some insight in to what is involved with contracts/LOA.

Have you used a Letter of Agreement before? Or do you prefer to use a longer writers’ contract?

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