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Until now, I had the one website – Rachel Maree. This is where I published all my blogs, chronicling my journey in freelance writing and becoming a published author.  You could also reach me there for any freelance writing needs. However, as my freelance writing business has grown and developed from its original conception I have had to create a new website. This website is specifically for the freelance side of my writing career. It is exciting, daunting, and I look forward to seeing where this takes me.

So “Write Freelancer For You” was born. This site will be where you can find me for any freelance writing needs and a blog. My blog posts will be focused on anything freelance writing, with a particular slant on work-at-home-mums.

Having qualifications in nursing and health promotion my niche lies in health, fitness, pregnancy and parenthood. Drawing on my experiences as a registered nurse and mum lends my writing authenticity and passion. If you have a business in these areas then contact me to find out how I can help build your brand and online presence to grow your business and passion.

As a freelance writer, nurse and mum it takes planning, organisation, plenty of motivation (and buckets of coffee!) to keep everything on track. There is so much to learn to balance working from home with motherhood and I love being able to impart what I have learnt along with the amazing resources, tools and advice I have found on the way.

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Feel free to drop me a line sometime. I would love to hear from you, and build a community of like-minded people who support, advise and create together.

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