What is guest posting?

It is exactly what is sounds like!

Creating an article or blog post for someone elses website or blog. Generally speaking it is pro bono work. However, there are some sites out there that will pay for you for a guest post.

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Why should you guest post?

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Publishing guest posts for other websites and blogs can be just as valuable, if not more so, then posting new content on your own site. This is because you have backlinks from the guest post to your website.

Backlinks are incoming links to a webpage or blog. So whenever you link to another page (other then your own) this is a backlink. When you write a guest post for someone elses site it is an opportunity to include backlinks to your own site, whether that is within the actual post or in your author bio (if allowed as part of the guest posting guidelines).

A blog or website with a lot of backlinks tends to rank higher on search engines.

What is not to love about that opportunity!

6 Benefits of Guest Posting:

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1) Helps to build relationships and a network of other writers.

This is probably my favourite benefit of guest posting.

By reaching out to other bloggers to guest post you are building relationships and networking with like-minded people. Guest posting provides you the opportunity to connect with new people and can lead to so many more opportunities.

Bloggers make up such a huge part of the conversations on the Internet, especially when you look at social media sites. Bloggers are influential, so by reaching out to fellow bloggers you can grow your own influence and social media presence.

2) Guest posting can help establish your authority and expertise in your niche.

By creating quality and authentic blogs and articles in your niche area you establish yourself as an authority in that field.

Generating great content not just on your site, but others as well is a great marketing tactic. Having your name appear on another well-known bloggers site helps to form credibility and a reputable reputation.

3) Backlinks increase your ranking on search engines.

As I mentioned before backlinks are a great way to increase your ranking in search engines.

Guest posting on websites in your niche increases the ranking of your site through quality backlinks. Your site has a better chance of making it to the first page of search results the more backlinks from relevant websites there are.

When you approach someone, or they approach you, for a guest post you should ensure that you could include a link in the post or an author bio somewhere.

4) Extends your audience reach.

Guest posting for another established blogger exposes your own website and blog to their audience. If they have even just 100 regular readers, that is 100 more readers who could potentially become regular visitors to your site too.

Part of publishing a blog is then sharing it on social media. You, and whomever you have guest posted for should post the blog to your social media accounts. Therefore you reach not only your own readers but also those of the other blogger.

5) Builds your confidence.

You know that great feeling you have when you have an article accepted for publication?

The sense of pride and accomplishment?

That boost to your confidence?

Guest posting gives you all those feelings. I would go so far as to say it gives you even more of a boost then other online publications. I get a thrill when I see another blogger sharing my guest post.

6) Improves your writing and communication skills.

Practice makes perfect! The more you write, the better you become. And obviously in our business (that of freelance writing) you need great writing skills!

Having to craft pitches to other bloggers and websites for guest posts hones your communication skills. Being a great communicator is essential in any business.


Rules for guest posting.

I can hear you asking, but are there rules for guest posting?

I would say there aren’t rules, so much as there are considerations.

First and foremost, be sure to read any guidelines before submitting a pitch or article to a website and blog as a guest post. If there are rules this will be NUMBER ONE.

There are several other things you should do when guest posting:

  • Link to the post from your blog.
  • Promote it on your social media accounts.
  • Once the post has gone live, be sure to check in and respond to any comments on there.
  • Thank the person.

Again, these are not hard and fast rules. However, it helps to build report with other bloggers and your audience. It pays to be nice, respectful and polite. It can lead to you being asked to guest post again!


What about accepting guest posts for your site?

Having other bloggers guest post on your site is a great way to build relationships and become part of the blogging community.

You can negotiate for your guest poster to promote the post on their social media and blog. This generates more backlinks and opportunities to increase your audience reach.

It is well worth considering. No matter how new or old your blog may be.


So what are you waiting for?

Google “guest post + your niche” today and start writing!

Do you guest post? Do you have one you are particularly proud of? Feel free to leave your tips, advice and guest posting wins below!

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