We are there! We made it to the end of “The 12 Rules of Freelance Writing”. And I have saved the most important for last!


be proud as a WAHM freelance writer

You know what, there is no sugar coating it. Being a WAHM is hard. Being a parent is hard full stop, without working whether in home or out of home. You are pulled in so many different directions and mothers’ guilt hits hard no matter what you do.

It is hard to step away from “mum” role to work, and it is hard to switch off from “businesswoman” or “work” mode and focus on your children. Yet somehow we muddle through.

BE PROUD. You are amazing.

It takes courage to put yourself out there. To chase down your dreams. It is brave to pitch to strangers and editors, to send them your writing with your hopes and wishes attached.

It takes courage to build a business and work for yourself. There are so many facets to building and maintaining your own business that it would be easier to just walk away. Yet we don’t.

BE PROUD. You are courageous.

Balancing life and freelance writing can be difficult. It is slow going and takes dedication to see your business grow. If you didn’t have to divide so much of your time between caring for your children, house chores, cooking, and work I am sure your business would grow faster! However, that is not the reality of a WAHM. We have limited hours to work in, which limit our growth…initially. We pour our hearts and soles into creating a business with the time we have.

BE PROUD. You are dedicated.

At the end of a long day with the children, rather then putting our feet up with some wine and chocolate and catching up on Netflix, we turn on our computers and get to work. We sacrifice sleep, spotless houses and Netflix marathons to work on our business.

BE PROUD. You are determined.

As the year (and this series of “The 12 Rules of Freelance Writing”) draws to a close, celebrate your wins from the year. The big and the small. Every step forward, no matter how insignificant you may feel it is, is still a step in the right direction to achieving your dreams.

BE PROUD. You are chasing your dreams.

No matter what label you choose (or society chooses for us); WAHM, SAHM, working parent, YOU decide WHO you are. You decide how you will live your life. You decide how to raise your children and what constitutes a “family”.

BE PROUD. You are a positive role model for your children.

BE PROUD. You are strong. You are amazing. You CAN do it! You are a superstar.

I want you to remember this going forward into the New Year. This is your year to shine. To show the world what you are made of. Together, we can do this.

BE PROUD of who you are what you have done and what you will achieve.

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