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I can hear the questions now:

What is a writers’ platform?

Why do I need one as a freelance writer?

How do I create one?

They are the same questions I asked myself when I kept hearing about a writers’ platform. So I researched, I Googled and I asked around. And the following is what I discovered about the what, why and how of a writers platform.

What is a writer platform?

Essentially, a writers’ platform is about your visibility as a freelance writer, or entrepreneur if you will. It is a tool that helps you promote and market your business and services so that you are noticed by readers and clients.

Why do you need a writers’ platform?

Everybody needs to start from somewhere. For us as freelance writers, we need to establish our credibility, reputation and visibility. We need to create a brand that helps us to stand out from the competition and be noticed by our audience and attract clients.

A writers’ platform helps us to do this.

It forms part of a business marketing plan. Do you have a marketing plan? Click here to subscribe today to grab your FREE “The Simple Marketing Plan for Freelance Writers”.

How do you build a writers platform?

The most common building blocks of a writers’ platform are:

  1. A website and blog.
  2. A portfolio.
  3. A strong social media presence.
  4. Blogger outreach

1. A website and blog:

I have posted previously on the importance of having your own business website that you blog on regularly. It helps establish a portfolio, as well as online presence. Your clients will have a landing page to find you and read up all about you.

Your website and blog is where you are trying to direct the most traffic, as this is where you will list your services and how you can help potential clients. It is one of the most essential components of a solid writers’ platform so make sure you spend time building your website and blog.

2. A portfolio:

When you are shopping around to buy something expensive like a camera, you look at reviews, magazines, ask people their opinions and try one out before you buy. Your writers’ portfolio helps clients do the same.

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They can read your articles, blogs and other work to see if you will gel with what they want from a writer. You can put your portfolio on your website as well as places like LinkedIn.

Obviously if you are a newbie freelancer then having a portfolio will be difficult. You may not have any work published yet. That is where your regular blogging comes in handy! And as you build up your client base and published work, you can add it to your portfolio.

3. A strong social media presence:

Today most people are connected to one form of social media or another. Your readers and potential clients will all be hanging out on social media somewhere. By creating a strong presence on social media you are establishing your writers’ platform by marketing and exposing your business.

I have Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram! It is a lot to keep up with, so my main focus at the moment is Facebook and Pinterest. I have been reading a lot about how Pinterest can drive traffic to your website, so I have chosen to build up my Pinterest account at this point in time.

My advice is to stick to 2 -3 social media platforms until you have built them up to a point you are happy with, otherwise it can be extremely overwhelming.

I have also just jumped on the bandwagon of social media schedulers. They are amazing and I cannot believe I haven’t used them before. I will create a post on them later, but for now I am using Tailwind for Pinterest, and SocialPilot for everything else except Instagram.

Make sure that you use a consistent logo, style and headshot through all your “business” social media profiles so you, and your brand, are recognizable.

4. Blogger Outreach

Bloggers outreach is where you spend time fostering relationships with other bloggers and freelance writers, particularly in your niche areas.

Research similar websites/blogs to yours and start to leave comments on their posts. It is another way to market yourself, as well as build up connections within the freelance writing community.

[clickToTweet tweet=”A writers’ platform is an organic process, which changes and grows with your business #freelancer #WAHM” quote=”A writers’ platform is an organic process, which changes and grows with your business.”]

It can take time to build. I am still building.

Although I have dabbled in freelance writing for 12 months now, it is really only the last 3 months that I have been giving it my all to build it up as a full time business, instead of a side hustle. But now that I have 100% committed I am getting down to the nitty gritty and doing it properly! Hence, the focus on building a solid writers platform.

I would love to hear your ideas and thoughts on a writers’ platform.

Do you have one? Are you building one? What social media platform did you find worked the best?

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15 thoughts on “Why you need a writers’ platform: an essential tool for any freelance writer”

  1. Avatar

    You made some really important points about building a reputation being important. I’m just learning how to do this too so I found it interesting to read that you are focusing on just one area of social media. Good advice.

    1. rachelmaree

      Thank you Debrah.
      The reason I am focusing on one area of social media is because I became overwhelmed trying to build up several profiles at once. I figured it was better to concentrate on building up a solid following on one, and then I will move onto the next. I have set myself small goals to achieve for each social media profile before I move onto the next. So far this tactic is working well!
      I hope this helps you, all of this is such a steep learning curve! Please let me know if there is anything else I can help with.

    1. rachelmaree

      Hi Anjali. Thank you for reading and commenting. I will have a look at your blog and email you back. I am still a relatively new blogger myself, so I can email you a few sites that I have found useful. Good luck!

    1. rachelmaree

      It is certainly a challenge, but one that I am enjoying….is that strange? LOL.
      I am glad you found my post helpful. Thanks 🙂

  2. Avatar

    This is so helpful! As someone who’s in the process of building a writing portfolio, I’m bookmarking this post for later. Thanks!

    1. rachelmaree

      You are welcome! Good luck building your writing portfolio. It can take time, but all these things are so worth it!

  3. Avatar

    Great informative post! I am a newbie blogger (around 2-3 months), and trying to learn as much as I can! Thankful for posts like this that help ?

  4. Avatar

    Hi Rachel,

    You are right on point. The impact of having a writer’s platform can’t be overemphasized. Having a writer’s platform makes it easier for clients to contact you on their own without you trying to cold pitch them. It removes many hassles and unnecessary struggles that writers go through.

    The moment I built mine, my influence on the internet doubled. And I gradually began to take up other business opportunities.

    Any writer that wants to see fast growth should get one.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Emenike Emmanuel recently posted…7 Reasons Why You Should Take Care of Your EmployeesMy Profile

    1. rachelmaree

      Thanks Emenike.

      Great to hear that your influence doubled! That’s fantastic.

      It is all about making yourself, and your brand as visible as possible! I hope this helps other writers too.


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