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Wow, what a busy month June has been. My freelance business is off and racing, despite the cold winter weather! Not to mention that I have been plugging away at my novel, and making great progress!

I have been blogging my little heart out, getting ready for another crazy month in July. We are expecting another baby in August, so I am making sure I have enough content for August that I won’t be absent from online for too long.

I have 12 months to create a full-time wage from my freelance writing, as that is how long I have paid maternity leave for. So far it is moving forward the way I want. It can still be frustrating pitching and sending off lots of articles and waiting for responses. But this month I have had a few articles published, as well as picked up some writing work! It is all money in the account, and work to add to my portfolio!

It is exciting to see how a few simple tweaks can change the momentum of your business. I have commenced a weekly email newsletter, as well as started using Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram. It is amazing how quickly you can build up followers through these tools. I have also been dabbling with social media schedulers, which I will create a post about later. There are some fantastic tools out there to help keep you on track and maintain a strong social media presence.

For now, here is my month of June blogs in case you missed any.

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