So you love to write. You have a passion for words and copywriting. You want to work from home and have the freedom to pick your own hours and balance a workload around family. But does that mean you should be a freelance writer?

How do you decide freelance writing really is for you?

Firstly, you need to know WHAT a freelance writer is.

Simply put, a freelance writer is a pen for hire. You offer your writing and creative words for payment. A freelance writer can create blog posts, feature articles, product descriptions, eBooks, website content, novels and so much more.

how to decide if freelance writing is for you

Being a freelance writer is not as simple as just switching on your computer and banging out some words. Freelance writing is a business, and you must treat it that way. This means there is a lot more work involved than simply writing blog posts for money.

You need to be self-motivated.

Freelance writing is a BUSINESS! You have to treat it as such. If you cannot motivate yourself, market your business and be productive it may not be for you.

You need to be organized and have time to grow your writing business.

Being a WAHM is a struggle at times, so it pays to make sure that you actually have the time (and energy) to dedicate to a writing business before embarking upon your freelance writing journey.

Being organized is vital to the smooth running of your business, and your home life. Every Sunday I like to sit down and plan out my week. I usually do this after a quick chat with my husband so we both know what the week agead is going to look like.

Organisation isn’t just about creating a schedule. It is also about using processes to streamline your business, such as using batching for time management, a good accounting service, tracking spreadsheets and project management systems.

You want to contribute to the family income.

For me I wanted to earn extra money to help after having our first baby. I had gone from full time work to part time work and I wanted a way to supplement my part-time wage with a job that I could do from home. At this point in time it is not about replacing my current wage. Once my children reach school age I may look at increasing my freelance work to do this. But for now my freelance writing business is simply a way of contributing to our household budget without having to work away from home all the time.

You can string a sentence together!

Whilst you do NOT need to have a formal writing qualification to be a freelance writer (I don’t), you do need to be able to string a coherent and interesting sentence together. You cannot market subpar skills.

Freelance writers are great wordsmiths. They can take the most boring topic or product and write creative, appealing copy that has readers begging for more. If you struggle to write a coherent sentence or interesting copy, perhaps freelance writing is not the job for you.

You can balance books, invoice and run a business.

This can take a bit of learning; especially if, like me, you had no experience in these areas. I had to conduct a lot of research and through trial and error have created a business that runs smoothly (most of the time) and doesn’t require too much energy or time to balance the books and accounting.

My best advice is to find an accountant you like and that understands freelance business, use a great accounting software (like Rounded) and don’t make things more complicated then they need to be!

Skills and experience needed to be a freelance writer:

Many people ask me, but what skills and experience do you need to become a freelance writer. I always answer that you do not need a formal qualification (although there are some fantastic courses out there), but there are some basic skills that every freelance writer needs:

  • Good grammar.
  • Ability to proofread and edit your work.
  • Research skills.
  • Ability to market yourself as a writer.
  • Understand SEO (even if it is at a basic level).
  • Effective communication.
  • Self-motivated.
  • Organised.

If you have ticked all the above then maybe freelance writing is for you!

The best thing about creating a freelance writing business is that there is not a huge initial financial outlay to start. The cost of a website and a computer (if you don’t have one). That is pretty much it. You are ready to go!

So do you think freelance writing is for you? Why, or why not? Drop into the comments below, I would love to hear from you. J

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