When we think of “brands”, we think of those companies and business that really stand out. Nike. Revlon. Bosch. Adidas. Officeworks. Petbarn. And so many more.

These companies don’t look or sound anything alike. They don’t sell the same thing. So, what do they have in common?

They have created a strong and unique “brand”. They use the same colour scheme, voice, and style through all their ad campaigns, websites, emails, social media accounts and storefronts. This “branding” means they are instantly recognizable and stand out from their competitors. And this is a powerful thing.

how to brand your freelance writing business

We can harness this power in our own freelance writing business to create a recognizable brand.

Why you should “brand” your business.

Know the power of branding.

By creating a unique branded business, you’ll stand out from the thousands of other people trying to make a living in the same niche as you.

When people are scrolling through Google search pages, Pinterest or social media they will see the colours and images that make your brand “you” and immediately recognize your business.

The power of branding is it creates a unique personality for your business. It helps you to stand out and be recognized amongst the many other freelance writers out there. It allows you to showcase what makes YOU different from anyone else.

You can market yourself towards a particular niche and target audience.

Creating a brand is not just about displaying your business, but developing a style, logo and colour scheme that will appeal to your niche and target audience.

If you want to write for chefs, research what they are reading, what style and colours are involved in the websites they visit and what appeals to them. There is no point using a bright pink colour scheme with animal print logos if this is not what attracted chefs.

Good branding will make you look more professional.

Having a recognizable brand makes you look more professional. This can mean the difference between potential customers seeing you as a WAHM writing in their spare time, or a professional who will be a valuable asset.

Who do you think they would take more seriously and pay what they are worth?

How to create a brand for your freelance writing business.

Choose a niche and target audience.

Choosing a niche is simply deciding WHO do you want to write for? Research what colours and style appeal to them, but the trick here is to imbue it with your own personality and unique voice.

Create a business name.

Mine is “Rachel Maree” (with the tagline – Write Freelancer For You). It is pretty simple. Some people simply stick to their name, others will come up with more creative business names:

  • Innovative Ink (Elna Cain’s website)
  • The Content Folk – an Australian content and copywriting agency.
  • Inkslinger Communications

These are just a few of my favourite examples of creative names for freelance writing businesses. Have you thought of a business name yet?

Create a logo.

Once you have picked a business name, the next step is to create a logo. You can do this yourself using different services like Canva, or you can hire someone to do it for you. I paid a fantastic graphic designer to design my logo. As part of the package she also created letterheads, website banners and business cards!

The logo and colour scheme you choose to use should be placed throughout your website and all social media accounts. It creates a cohesive look and people will automatically associate that look with your business.

Have some professional headshots taken.

Most people cringe at this. I know I sure did. But having a visible face to put to the business helps people develop trust in your business. Studies have shown that businesses that put a headshot on their websites and social media have better conversions.

So what are you waiting for? Nab a photographer, put on some makeup and go have a photo shoot!   

Where should you show your “branding”?

Once you have developed your business name, tagline, colour scheme and logo you need to use it to create your branding. This is achieved by simply placing it EVERYWHERE!

  • Website
  • Social Media accounts
  • Business card
  • Letterhead
  • You could even go so far as to put a sticker with your logo on your car!

There are some great ideas to get you started branding your business today. What are you waiting for? Go develop your own unique look and get it out there. Drop your logo and comments below, I would love to see what you come up with.

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