Have you started a blog and not sure how often you should be posting?

Have you been blogging for a while, and failing to attract traffic or attention?

How often are you blogging?

This brings us to the premise of this post: How often should you blog?

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Many bloggers will tell you many different answers. Once a month, once a week, every day. It can be confusing. I have read up a lot on the subject, as I wasn’t sure how often I should be posting. The following is what I have concluded from my own research.


The majority of bloggers will agree that it doesn’t matter how often you post, as long as you do so on a regular basis.

There is no point posting every day for a few weeks, and then post nothing for a month. Your readers will become bored and frustrated. You will ruin your chances of developing a strong following. It will also affect how search engines rank your blog and website.

Search engines love regular, consistent activity! So keep those blogs coming on a consistent basis.

When I was planning on splitting my website into two (www.rachelmaree.com.au and www.writefreelancerforyou.com.au), I thought seriously about how often I could commit to posting blogs on two sites. I had to take into consideration the fact that I wanted to promote my freelance business, how much time that would take, how much time I had available and the fact that I am pregnant with our second baby. I have reached a point where I am taking a break from my author website and concentrating all my efforts on here.

So I decided that posting twice a week was achievable. For now.

I believe that shorter posts more often, are better then longer posts less frequently. I maintain a content calendar to ensure that I have topics for each week and can maintain posting twice a week.

This is another key factor when you are considering how often you would like to post. How many topics do you have in mind? If you have plenty, then you can post more often. If you are struggling to come up with topics, perhaps on a less frequent basis would be better for you.



It may take some time and experimentation to find a blogging routine and frequency that suits you, your business and your lifestyle.

As I mentioned, I have a content calendar to ensure that I have enough topics in the bank to keep writing twice a week.

On Sunday’s I sit down and plan out my week. When I will outline and research my blogs. When I will write them, edit them and create branded images.

I try to always ensure I am two weeks ahead of my scheduled live date for that particular post. This means that if anything unexpected crops up (say I go into labour early, or my toddler is sick) then I have a few weeks of content up my sleeve.

We are all unique and have different ways of writing, planning and blogging. You need to experiment to find the routine and frequency that works best for you.

I find the technique of “batching” works really well. It is a recent discovery of mine, although I feel I am slow coming to the party!

Have you heard of batching?

It is where you group like tasks together. For example:

  •             Monday’s I plan and outline blogs
  •             Tuesdays I research and draft out those blogs.
  •             Wednesday’s I finalise them, run them through copyscape and grammarly.
  •             Thursday’s I create branded images, do a final edit and then schedule them to be posted.

This is a rough guide only, and the day’s I complete things on are not necessarily when it happens. However I have felt that batching tasks works better then how I use to do it where I would do everything for one blog from start to finish, then move onto the next blog.

Your Journey

Once you have found your perfect frequency and routine, you will find the blogs roll off the tip of your fingers. Starting and establishing yourself is the hardest part.

I have been blogging on this site for only 2 months now, and am still trying to establish an engaged audience and routine that works for me. Of course not helped by the impending arrival of baby #2! So don’t be disheartened if it seems to take time. All good things come to those who wait…..and put in the hard yards!

If you take anything away from my post, then I hope it is this: use analytics and audience engagement to gauge the frequency and timing of blogs that seems to attract the most readers. That way you can use those answers to create the best possible content calendar for your blog.

Remember that this is your journey, and you need to do what works for you, your business and the life you are creating.

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What is your blogging routine? Do you batch tasks? Do you have a content calendar?


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