published article, excitement of published work, published work, freelance writing, No matter how long you have been in the game, I believe you still get a thrill out of seeing your name on a published article. All the blood, sweat and tears (so to speak) have been worth it. It is proof that you are succeeding as a writer, and it pushes you to strive longer and harder. It maintains your motivation, inspires and boosts your confidence. And it gives you bragging rights! Yep, I did write that article you were just reading.

Have you had a piece of your writing published?

Are you still waiting for your first article or blog to be published? Never fear, it will happen. I found that sometimes you could wait up to a month for a response to an article submission. Sometimes it is quicker. We need to remember that editors are very busy people who can be receiving hundreds of submissions a day. So what do you do to make yours stand out from the crowd?

Do you still get a thrill?

If you have had your work published, and continue to do so, do you still get that thrill when you see your name out there? I would like to think that we all still do. Every time we have a piece of writing published it confirms our standing as a writer. I still get a kick out of seeing my name next to an article on a reputable site. And I am sure I will for the rest of my career, however long that may be.

Use that thrill to carry momentum and keep writing.

I thrive off that feeling of publishing a writing piece. It helps to inspire me and keep me motivated. So during those drought moments, where it feels like all I am doing is waiting to hear back about submissions I can focus on that thrill and use it to keep me writing and submitting some more.

How do you celebrate?

Happy dance? Wine? Chocolate? Shopping spree? However you choose to celebrate, I hope that you do! Each and every writing piece is another notch on your belt. I believe it is important to celebrate the small wins, as well as the big victories, such as landing a repeat well-paying client! You work hard to establish, grow, promote and maintain your business that you need that victory celebration to reaffirm that you are a successful entrepreneur, no matter how big or small. Whilst you are waiting to hear back from an editor or publisher, subscribe below to browse through some fantastic content, tools and resources in my resource library.

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How do you feel when you publish an article? How do you celebrate? I would love to hear your stories.

2 thoughts on “The excitement of seeing your article published!”

  1. I still remember the feeling of joy and excitement when I got my first paid article published 20 years ago. I got $40 from a weekly newspaper for an interview with novelist Timothy Finley.

    1. It is great that you still remember that feeling! I believe that is half the reason we keep writing, it can be addictive!

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