How to develop your unique freelance writer website.

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Just a few days ago I posted about the importance of having a website as a freelance writer. Today I am offering a few simple tips to develop your website, which will ultimately help promote and grow your business. The first step to develop your website: You must decide if you are going to use free…

An effective guide to nailing your next cold pitch.

cold pitching, attract clients, freelance writing, cold emailing,

Have you ever looked at a website or blog and thought, I could really help improve this? I could add in more content or build their social media profile? So what do you do about it? How do you approach that business or website and offer your services? A “cold pitch” is sending an email…

How to create invoices for your freelance writing business.

create invoices, invoicing, freelance writer,

Invoicing is something you, as a business owner, should know how to do. After all, if you don’t invoice your client then you won’t get paid! So whether you are a full-time freelance writer, or write on the side, you need to have the ability to create and send invoices.   So, where do you start? Personally,…

May: The beginning of a great journey!

freelance writing business, freelance writer website, write freelancer for you,

May Madness! At the start of May I split my original website “Rachel Maree” into two. That is how “Write Freelancer for You” was developed. It is daunting and exciting to embark on a new part of my writing career and I am looking forward to what the future will bring. My aim is to…

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