3 Tips For Starting A Business AND A Family.

3 tips for starting a business and a family

Todays Guest Post of the Month was written by Gina. Gina helps women build a successful freelance writing business whilst balancing motherhood to create their dream life! Are you at a point in your life where you’re ready to start a family? Or maybe you already have and are looking for a way to spend…

What freelance writers need to know about SEO.

what freelance writers need to know about SEO

As a freelance writer, I am sure you have come across job adverts for an SEO expert or for writing blog posts that are SEO optimized. When I first started out on my freelance writing journey I had no idea what SEO was. I found after quite some time that I was doing myself, and…

Creating Support Systems for WAHM Freelance Writers.

create support systems for wahm freelance writers

Some people have an idyllic impression about what a freelance WAHM is all about. Some people believe it is easy work, staying in your pyjamas until lunchtime with your children playing nicely whilst you tap away at your computer. Or drinking coffee whilst working at a café. The reality is far from this. Or atleast…

5 ways to boost your motivation post holidays!

boost motivation post holidays

Are you struggling to get back into the groove of work after the holidays? Has your morning cup of coffee turned into an hour-long procrastination session instead of productive work? We have all been there! After a few days, weeks or even a month off for holidays it is so hard to find your motivation…

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