Laura Ansbro

Laura Ansbro is a WAHM who is dipping her toe into freelance writing before taking the big plunge when her son starts school. A long-time lover of words, she is determined to make it as a freelancer to earn a living doing something she actually enjoys.

She has written for Gluten Free Heaven Magazine, and has won the travel writing competition featured in the Sunday Telegraph, Just Back. She has appeared on national television and local radio.

Her blog,, is where she shares her money-saving foodie tips and recipes. You can also follow her on Instagram @millennial_hunter_gatherer or facebook @millennialhuntergatherer

Laura Ansbro

Starting out as a WAHM in freelance writing.

starting out as a wahm in freelance writing

It struck me like a thunderbolt one day when I was talking to a friend. I want to be a freelance writer. I’d gone round to get some perspective on the panic that I was halfway through my time of being a full-time-mum, and I still had no idea what I wanted to do. My…

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