Diana Siame

I am Diana Siame. I’m the girl behind Chitenge Stories, a blog for aspiring bloggers and entrepreneurs.

I studied Metallurgy and Mineral Processing but my interests have shifted over time. My newly found love is Pinterest and everything around blogging.

I love everything that makes life easier- online transactions, pizza deliveries etc. My mother used to call it laziness. Haha. 


I mainly share what I have learned and experienced about online tools, DIY tech and the inspiration you need for your blog or online business.

Diana Siame

5 tools every freelancer needs

Today’s “Guest Post of the Month” was sent in by Diana Siame of Chitenge Stories, a fantastic blog for aspiring bloggers and entrepreneurs.   Almost a year ago I started my blog on impulse. It hasn’t been all rosy but I love what I do. I don’t write as often as I would love to…

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