Are you struggling to get back into the groove of work after the holidays?

Has your morning cup of coffee turned into an hour-long procrastination session instead of productive work?

We have all been there! After a few days, weeks or even a month off for holidays it is so hard to find your motivation for work. Those people with “traditional” jobs don’t have a choice. They have to go back, usually by a set date.

As freelancers, we can take as long as we like…or as long as our bank accounts will let us!

However, this also means that it is easy to fall into the trap of sleeping in (if children allow), procrastinating and never really getting back into work mode.

boost motivation post holidays

How do you overcome the lack of motivation post holidays?

Seriously, it was so hard to start working again this year. After our big overseas trip in September followed closely by the Christmas period, I found my motivation hit rock bottom. I had smashed out the “12 rules of freelance writing” series, run an email campaign, client work and balance normal home life. I was exhausted and didn’t want the holidays to end! Even though I was still working my nursing shifts, my husband had time off so was around more to help out at home. When it came to the end of my self-set Christmas and New Years break my motivation was nowhere to be found.

So what did I do?

1. Time for a deep clean!

Firstly, I cleaned our house top to bottom. And not just my usual weekly clean. I purged toys, books and old clothes. I scrubbed inside and outside of cupboards. I did a HUGE spring clean and it felt amazing!

Yes, this does sound like procrastination. And it probably was. But what I found was that once my house was sparkling clean and decluttered, my mind felt less full and decluttered too! It helped to boost my motivation and I was eager to get started with 2019!

2. Organise your diary or planner.

This next year is going to be super busy (again)!

We have several weddings, weekends away, a mini holiday and Mr 3 is starting 3-year-old kindergarten. I am developing two new websites (with blogs) and writing novels. I am still doing freelance work and managing a blog. I also have 2 courses in the works that I hope to release early this year.

There is going to be a lot to balance! Not to mention if I don’t stay super organized it will be easy to become overwhelmed. And we all know once that happens motivation tends to wane. So ORGANISE your planner.

I use my own version of the bullet journal, but instead of a notebook, I use a ring binder. I have several sections – planning, collections, goals, organized chaos (home, travel, projects), business and a note section.

Towards the end of the holidays, I love to plan the year ahead. Geeky, but true. I find once I can see how the year ahead is shaping up it boosts my motivation to just get into it.

3. Set Your Business Goals.

Setting goals is an amazing way to motivate yourself. They give you an end post to work towards, and what better feeling than when you can celebrate achieving that goal?!

I set 1 – 2 big yearly goals. Then I break these down into smaller achievable tasks that I set as quarterly, monthly or weekly goals.

Once those goals are set, you have something to work towards, rather than drifting from task to task. You will have a clear path for the next year, now all you need to do is get started!

4. Run A Specials Campaign

Before the holidays, I like to set a date for a discounted offer or specials campaign for after the break. It is a great way to get you back into work mode, drum up some new business and get you motivated.

I always find it exciting to run a special campaign and see how many potential new clients it attracts! It helps inject some freshness into your business and may lead to some amazing opportunities.

If you have it set to run for when you return from a break you have no choice but to follow through. This may sound like a drag but I find it a great way to force me into work mode and the motivation follows.

5. Just do it!

Sounds simple right? Just do it! But when you are being pulled in a million different directions, and you cannot shake the holiday feels, it is so hard!

So, I repeat to myself, over and over again, “just do it”. I eventually get sick of hearing my own internal voice and so I do it.

There you have it, 5 super easy ways to boost your motivation post the holidays! I would love to hear how you get back into the groove after a break from work. Drop it in the comments below.

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