Last week marked 3 years of Rachel Maree – Write Freelancer For You. What a milestone! Whilst I have not blogged on this website for that long, I have been freelance writing for 3 years. This blog was slowly developed and it has really only been the last year that I have been focusing more on building it up. Developing a blog is much different from freelance writing and has been another huge learning curve. Lucky I love to learn!

ten most popular blog posts

To celebrate 3 years of freelancing and blogging I have collated this list of the 10 most popular blog posts on here.

Discover how to write a professional and thorough creative brief.

This has been a popular post pretty much from the moment it was published! It delves into what a creative brief is, why you need to do one and how to do it. A creative brief is one of my most valuable tools to help me understand my client and the project.

Why you need batching and how to do it!

If you have not tried batching for time management, you really should! It has been the best tool that I have discovered for organisation and productivity. Learn how with this post.

What is freelance writing?

You would be surprised by how many people do not know what freelance writing is. Even if you THINK you know what freelance writing is, make sure you read this post BEFORE you launch your business.

Freelance Writer and WAHM? Then you NEED these organizational tools in your life!

No one has to be more organised than a parent attempting to work from home. There are many tasks that you need to juggle, and not just in a business sense. Have a look at this post to discover some fantastic organizational tools that are guaranteed to help streamline your days to get stuff done!

An effective guide to nailing your next cold pitch.

Cold pitching has seen me land some of my biggest clients. Do you know what goes into an effective cold pitch? This blog post will give you the guidance you need to nail your pitching strategy and land clients.

12 rules of freelance writing as a WAHM

These rules are not mandatory, but they do help to guide you through freelance writing as a WAHM. It is no easy thing, to run a business from home whilst juggling children and home life. The 12 Rules of Freelance Writing as a WAHM aims to give you tools, tips and strategies to make it easier.

Do you need to hire a Freelance Writer?

Many businesses take on all their writing tasks themselves, from website content and product descriptions to blog posts and newsletters. This post delves into how a freelance writer can actually save busy business owners money and time when they outsource these tasks.

Rule Number Two: Develop Your Freelance Writing Portfolio

Your writing portfolio is one of your most powerful marketing tools. Read here to find out why and how to develop an amazing writing portfolio to land you more clients.

How to manage your finances as a freelance writer.

Being a freelance writer is not just about writing. You need to know how to run and maintain a business. A huge part of this is managing finances. Do you know what it takes to manage the financial side of your freelance writing business?

How to write a blog post in 9 easy steps.

If you offer blog post writing as part of your freelance services than it pays to know HOW to write a blog post! Here are 9 super easy steps to take to write a powerful blog post that your clients will love.

There you have it. 10 of the most popular blog posts from the last few years. I hope you enjoy them and take away some of the amazing advice, tools and tips contained there to excel in your freelance writing business.

Drop into the comments below and let me know what your favourite blog post is. It doesn’t even have to be from this list. If another blog post on my site has captured your attention, I would love to know why and what you took away from it.

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